Main Arena (Hiroshima Green Arena)

The Green Arena can accommodate most types of big events such as sports events, concerts, and various shows.

  • Floor area: approx. 3,500m2 (48m x 80m)
  • Fixed seats: approx. 4,750 (seating capacity roughly 10,000)
  • Court capacity: 4 volleyball, 4 basketball, 4 tennis, 2 handball, 16 badminton, 28 table tennis

Sub Arena

The sub arena can be used for sports events or for practice, as well as a warm-up venue for competitions. It can also accommodate exhibitions.

  • Floor area: approx. 1,700m2 (35m x 49m)
  • Fixed seats: approx. 500
  • Court capacity: 2 volleyball, 2 basketball, 2 tennis, 1 handball, 10 badminton, 16 table tennis

Martial Arts Arena (Judo and Kendo)

In addition to various martial arts tournaments, this arena can accommodate wrestling, weight lifting, and boxing competitions and can also be used for table tennis or jazz dance practice. The entire can be used with hardwood flooring or partially switched to tatami. Depending on the competition scale or circumstances, the area can be divided into up to four sections, with movable partitions. Apart from exclusive use (reserved), the area is open to individuals on Thursdays. The arena is open for table tennis, judo, and Naginata on Thursdays (unless it is reserved). Please bring your own equipment.

  • Floor area: approx. 2,200m2 (31m x 72m)
  • Fixed seats: approx. 600
  • Court capacity: 8 judo, 8 kendo (up to 12)

Archery Arena

The archery arena offers simultaneous practice for both Japanese archery (north side targets) and western archery (south side targets). When the arena is not reserved for exclusive use, individuals are welcome. *Please bring your own archery equipment.

  • Japanese archery - 12 archers (close range)
  • Western archery - 4 archers (30m)
  • Fixed seats: approx. 150

Health and Physical Fitness Support Center (first floor)

At this center, your physical fitness will be according to your needs and improvement of competitive skills, in addition to a simple health check with detailed analysis. You will receive advice based on your results. (By appointment only)

Fitness Plaza (B1F)

Training Room

With the guidance of a full-time professional trainer and high performance training equipment, the training room offers effective training for everyone from beginners to athletes. There is also a climbing wall to enjoy free climbing.


The 7-course 25m pool from 0~2.3m deep is available for swimming, water polo, and synchronized swimming practice. Use the flowing pool for checking your form and other scientific training.


Choose your favorite class from among the abundance of studio programs.

Conference Rooms (B1F)

  • Large: approx. 250m2 (26.5m ~ 9.4m) Classroom-type 144 seats
  • Medium: approx. 190m2 (16.1m ~ 11.9m) Classroom-type 96 seats
  • Small: approx. 100m2 (12.1m ~ 8.6m) Classroom-type 63 seats
  • Meeting room: approx. 113m2 56 seats (14 tables for 4)

Sports Information Center (B1F)

We offer a variety of information about sports, including sports-related library books, magazines to browse through, and flyers about various events to take home.

Kids' Playground

Please use this space if you have small children. Children must be accompanied.

*Hours of use: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Nursing Room (B1F)

Please consult a staff member or the general information desk for use.


Lunches, rice balls, soft drinks, light meals and hot coffee available.

Restaurant (1F)

Make reservations for large groups, boxed lunches, or coffee delivery to conference rooms.